How to perform a factory reset

To perform a hard reset on your Kello, follow the steps bellow.

On the device

⚠️ Hard resetting your Kello will erase all your alarms, programs, and settings ⚠️
  1. Unplug your Kello from its power outlet.
  2. Using a sharp tool, press the reset button on the back of Kello, then plug in the power jack without releasing the reset button. When the power jack is plugged in, you can release the reset button.

  3. While resetting, Kello should display only one dot on the bottom left for about 30 seconds, then display "Kello" and boot normally

  4. When Kello displays "Wi-Fi", you can start setting up your Kello.

Using the app

To hard reset your Kello using the app, go to the Settings screen and press "Factory Reset Current Kello".