How to enable Multicast and UPnP on my router?

Kello needs Multicast and UPnP to be enabled on your home router. These technologies are used to get your phone and your Kello talking to each other.

Kello also needs AP isolation and IGMP snooping to be deactivated.

The easiest way to learn how to enable Multicast and UPnP or disable AP isolation and IGMP snooping is to Google "enable [or disable] UPnP [or multicast, AP isolation, IGMP snooping...] on [your router brand + model]". 

In the case that a Google Search didn't do it:

  • If your router was provided by your internet service provider, please contact them, they'll be able to assist.
  • Otherwise, please contact the manufacturer of your router.

If you still can't find how to enable these settings, or already tried it and it didn't fix your issue, please  contact us.

Note for Virgin Media SuperHubs routers

As this router is very popular in Australia and the UK, the steps to enable Multicast and UPnP are detailed below:

  1. Take a look at the sticker, which looks like one of the following, on the bottom of the Super Hub 2ac and locate the web address under "To access the settings page":
  2. Open a Web browser and enter the address above (probably
  3. When prompted, enter the password shown on the sticker (you may also be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password).
  4. Go to "Advanced Settings" -> "Security" -> "Firewall"
  5. Check the items ""PPTP Pass-Through" and "Multicast Pass-Through'
  6. Hit "Apply".
  7. When this is done, reboot your router (unplug it and replug it).
  8. Wait for the router to boot, and when it has booted, unplug and replug your Kello.
  9. When Kello displays the time, make sure your phone is back on your router's Wi-Fi and start the app.

Note for Zyxel routers

If you have a Zyxel router, you have to:

  1. Update your router's firmware to the latest version,
  2. Turn off the "Enable Enhanced Multicast" option in the settings.