Using Kello’s buttons

Kello has a handful of shortcuts to help you use it more easily.

Checking and editing your next alarm

You can change your next alarm time directly on Kello.

  1. Set up an alarm using the app.
    Tip 💡: Create a recurrent alarm! This way you won't have to use the app every day to set up your next alarm.
  2. On Kello, hold  for 2 seconds.
  3. You can use  or    to change the alarm time.
You can edit your next alarm only if one is supposed to ring in less than 24 hours.

Mute & unmute all next alarms


Sleeping in tomorrow? No problem. You can turn off all future alarms by holding   for 2 seconds. To unmute them, hold  again for 2 seconds.

This feature mutes all future active alarms.

Snoozing an alarm

When an alarm is ringing, just press Kello's head to snooze it.

Tip 💡: you can customize the snooze duration (or even turn it off) in Kello's settings.

Stopping an alarm

When an alarm is ringing, press   to stop it. If it's a recurring alarm, this will stop it until the next day.

Putting Kello in Bluetooth discovery mode

If you haven't paired your phone to Kello using Bluetooth, hold   (located behind Kello) for 2 seconds.

Then go to your phone Bluetooth settings and pair it with Kello.

💡  Tip 1: press  to turn off Bluetooth.

💡  Tip 2: if no device has been paired for 5 minutes, Bluetooth will automatically turn off.

Turning on & off Bluetooth


If Kello is paired to a phone, you can turn on Bluetooth on Kello and pair it automatically to your phone by pressing   (located behind Kello). 

If Kello isn't paired to a phone, it will enter the discovery mode.

💡  Tip 1: hold  to pair a new device to Kello.

Put Kello in Wi-Fi pairing mode


If you want to change the Wi-Fi network Kello is paired to, you have to pair your phone to Kello's access point and press "set up a new Kello" in the app.

Do enter the pairing mode, double press   (located behind Kello). Kello's screen will display "Wi-Fi"

Increase or decrease volume

If you want to increase of decrease the volume of the song that is currently playing on Kello, press   or .

Next or previous song

If you want to change the song that is currently playing on Kello, press  . If you want to replay the song you've been playing or go to the previous song, press  twice.

Play or pause a song

If you want to pause the song that is currently playing on Kello (while no alarm is ringing), press Kello's head. You can resume the song that you've previously paused or stopped by pressing Kello's head again.